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Chapter II:  
Foundation of Brilliance
Chapter VII:  Mathematics of Brilliance (Math Parties)

Helper Teachers: If possible, you will set up all games and activities at tables, cover them with a tablecloth, and have a helper teacher sit at the table until the students are ready for that activity. You will set up the tables and teach your table helper how to perform the activity beforehand. If your activities are simple and engaging enough, this can be done just before the session begins. You will also need to point out to your helper where the hidden answers are on the materials.  

Instruct them not to point out the hidden answers to the children at first. The children usually catch on quickly and this takes a lot of the tension out of the activities for everyone. Just make sure that you have the children try to solve the problem before they are allowed to look at the answer. The mood should be fast and fun and give students the idea that this math is actually fun. You may follow up with worksheets or book homework if you’ve used your textbook examples to create the materials (which is what I suggest).

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